As digital business models emerge strongly, and regulators seek to improve the payment experience for consumers and businesses, new payment methods and opportunities to exchange transactions and data are taking shape. These developments have important implications for treasury; however, too few treasurers are playing an active role in the company’s payment and collection strategy.  

New payment and collection instruments have the potential to create valuable new opportunities for the business, particularly as digital business models evolve, as Zalando’s experience illustrates. Whether treasurers are leaders or influencers, they have a vital role to play in evaluating, facilitating and managing the effects of different payment and collection methods. By doing so, they can help to drive the company’s success in a changing, increasingly digital, environment.

In regions where consumer demand has evolved most quickly, treasurers are working closely with their banks and technology vendors to create new cash management solutions, particularly to manage multiple payment and/ or collection methods in a cohesive way. This is particularly apparent in industries where payments are integral to the business model, such as e-commerce platforms and companies operating in gig economy such as ride sharing, food delivery and short-term rental platforms.
— Bruno Mellado, Global Head of Payables and Receivables, BNP Paribas