We take your Privacy seriously


In the text below, you can inform yourself on what we do with your information and find out how you can change your cookie settings

What are cookies?

Cookies are bits of text that are downloaded to your browser as you surf the web. They are created by a web server and as needed are transmitted back to that server. The cookie’s purpose is to carry bits of information, like which page you’ve visited and how often, where you’ve left reading the last time, and other information about your interaction with the website. The more types of cookies your browser allows to be stored, the more unique your digital footprint gets.

How to reject / delete / accept cookies?

You can prevent cookies from being stored or remove cookies already stored by adjusting the settings in your browser. Your browser’s privacy settings could prevent our Activity Log from capturing every detail about you.

What cookies do we use?

By default, all Squarespace sites, like this one, use cookies. The only cookie our site stores is called ‘crumble’ and is classified as a session cookie. Session cookies are cookies which are not stored permanently. They close when you end your session. This ‘crumble’ cookie enables Squarespace Analytics (our reporting platform that gives us insight into how our site is performing) to collect information such as: Date, Time, IP address, Referrer, Browser version and operating system. As crumble is classified as a session cookie, the personal data will be stored for only 7 days.

What is done with your information?

The details provided, with Squarespace Analytics, give us insight of which content is popular, where you got referred from and how often it has been visited.

The details you provide to us at the time of downloading the report (name(s), email address, company name and job title), are saved in a secure database and are never shared with third parties. Only if you choose to allow us to use these details for sending you more information about Journeys to Treasury, will they be used for that purpose. You can rescind this permission at any time, using the ‘Unsubscribe’ option in our communication to you.